Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Deegan

I am the mother of a three year old and a ONE year old!

I find myself sitting here trying to write about the last year and can't even believe that it has been a year since Deegan was born. I don't know where time has gone or how my chubby little baby turned into an independent toddler quite so quickly.

Deegan, my chunker-monker, you are such a sweet and funny little boy. You have the best expressions, sweetest laugh, give the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses. You are a terrible napper and love to bug your brother to bits; you want to go anywhere he goes and do anything he does. You are our good eater; you'll eat anything we put in front of you and cry for more. In fact, when you're hungry you'll go into the kitchen and scream while trying to climb into your booster seat. You love to be outside, dig in the dirt, play in the water,
swing and go for walks. You love to be held yet want to be put down the instant something interesting catches your eye.
You're funny, a flirt and usually a mess.

Your Daddy and I love you to pieces! You were the prefect addition to our family and, even though Camden loves to pick on you now, I know that he loves you and that you two will be the best of friends. You'll also probably beat the snot out of each other, but I think
that's just what brothers do.

Happy Birthday Deegan!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Math Problem

2 Boys + 1 Slip-N-Slide = Oodles Of Smiles

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mud Bug

I love that he will jump right into a mud puddle (aka our empty flower bed) and practically roll around in it as he digs and explores. He always needs a bath after our backyard adventures but he has so much fun making a mess that it is worth the midday bath.

Book Worm

I know it probably goes without saying that I am very much pro-reading. After all, it is what I'm spending oodles of money on to get certified to teach. We've read to Camden since he was born, even before actually. I love that sometimes (just sometimes) when he's being just a little too quiet that he's reading rather than getting into trouble.
I love that he loves books!

Sunday, September 11, 2011



Stocked Pantry

My pantry is fully stocked but I must admit that I don't
remember picking this up at the grocery store.

The First Cut

This happened several weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to putting the pictures together. I'll keep it short and sweet because I'm not sure how much I can elaborate about a haircut other than to say
he did great, didn't shed a tear and looked absolutely
adorable with his new "do."