Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea World :Take Two

We made the short trek out to Sea World on Saturday morning with three main goals: feed the dolphins again, play in Shamu's Happy Harbor and watch Believe again with time when Camden was awake. We achieved all three but I must admit that the first two items on the agenda were met with much more excitement than seeing Shamu.

We visited the dolphin cove first to feed and pet them one last time. On our first venture we purchased one tray of fish. On our second trip we purchased tray did no last long enough. This was everyone's favorite activity of the entire trip!

Camden LOVED playing in the water feature at Shamu's Happy Harbor!
He loved it so much that we visited it twice.

A final snapshot with a penguin who I'm sure has an official name but not one which I am familiar with. Shamu gets all of the notoriety.
Camden loved all the costumed characters; every time he saw one he wanted to give them hugs and high fives.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sea World :Take One

Friday we got up bright and early and headed to Sea World.
Camden had his picture taken with Shamu (the costume version), fed the dolphins, rode the Ferris-wheel, played on the playground, fed the sea lions and saw sharks, fish, otters, birds, penguins and I don't know how many other types of aquatic animals. His favorite activity of the day was feeding the dolphins (an activity we will repeat on day 2). After taking a lunch break we watched Believe (the Shamu show), which Camden slept through. After leaving the show Camden developed messy bloody nose that came out of nowhere so rather than catching a few more shows we purchased a load of souvenirs and headed back to the hotel to rest and cool off before heading to dinner.

Historic San Antonio

After making the short drive to San Antonio from Houston we checked into our hotel and ventured out to see the sights in downtown. Our first stop was the Alamo. I honestly can't tell you too many details about the Alamo (it has been forever since I've taken any sort of Texas history and I've never been a history buff) but I did my best to explain the general gist to Brian before walked through. Camden was less than impressed but did get more than a few passerby's attention when he exclaimed "It's so beautiful!" as we approached the main entrance.

After a quick tour we ventured across the street and walked around the River Walk. We walked along the side of the river gazing at the various shops, deciding between the oodles of restaurants and taking in the beautiful scenery. We took a boat tour of the river and ended our visit with dinner at Rita's on the River and a quick stop in to a sweetshop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Additon To The Backyard

After much debate, discussion and indecisiveness we purchased a pool. Not one of the several kiddie pools that we have previously and currently own, but a big pool. By big I mean large enough for Brian, Camden and myself to get into and still have room to "swim" around but still shallow enough for Camden to be able to stand up in. I will admit that it is not Brian's favorite addition to the backyard but we absolutely love having our own personal swimming hole.

What do you do when you have a brand new clean,
sparkling pool in your backyard?
Swim everyday!!

The Last Few Levelland Pics

We have been back in Houston for several weeks but I still have pictures I planned on posting and haven't so here they are all jammed together; otherwise they may never see the blog.

Family BBQ at my parent's house. Camden played with Madison, Samantha and Sydney. He's the only boy in a sea of girl cousins who are all about baby dolls, dress up and Barbies.
They also like the dirt...which Camden loves!

When we went to visit Mamaw, Uncle Jimmy took
Camden for a ride on the 4-wheeler.

And finally...
Camden played with the sprinklers and pool that Nana set up for him. At least he got to enjoy it before Lucy, the giant puppy, tore it up before all the kids came over the following day.