Friday, March 25, 2011

First Official Water Day of the Year

Camden wanted to play with the water hose yesterday afternoon so we dug out his swim clothes and turned on the facet. It didn't take long before he decided that he needed something to fill up with water so he quickly emptied out his toy bucket which became his swimming pool.

It was the first of many water filled afternoons to come.
I'm already dreading summer.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another One

He just has too many cute expressions not to share.

Biscuit Donuts

I remember making these when I was little with my Mom and Mamaw. When I was little I must say that I preferred my Mamaw's because she would let us frost them. What kid doesn't love frosting? Well, Camden and I broke out the secret family recipe and made up a batch for breakfast this morning. Simple, easy, fun and o-so yummy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He's Always Covered In Drool

He is, however, the cutest thing I've seen with a
slobbery tongue hanging out.

"I have stickers on my face!"

Yes, yes you do.
Along with a little chocolate milk mustache.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I can't see or feel them but I swear he must be teething because he goes to town on his teething toys and drools buckets.

Tupperware Make Me Nostaligic

I couldn't help but buy Camden this little pitcher and cup set when I saw it at our church's craft and merchant sale this past weekend. I had the exact same set, different color, when I was little. Just seeing him play with it makes me smile and feel like a kid again.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Can Do It Myself

At least that's what I think Deegan would say when he's trying to take a sip of water from his bottle during dinner.

He doesn't always tilt it high enough or even get the right side up but he's trying to become Mr. Independent on me already.

How is it that he's almost six months old?


Brian took Friday off so we loaded up and took the boys to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Our first stop was the petting zoo where Camden fed goats, sheep and deer.

Our second stop was the Fun on the Farm area where Camden planted a seed and picked up different vegetables, dairy products and fruits to sell at the market. This was one of my favorite areas/activities; it was interactive, fun and educational.

We played extremely overpriced games and let Camden pick a few rides to go on. He went fishing and managed to catch a huge stuffed frog and light up sword.

Camden crawled through two different obstacle courses and sped around on a flying carpet ride.

A trip to the rodeo isn't complete without a little junk food. We all had corn dogs and shared fries and a funnel cake.

We had a great morning at the rodeo. Next year we'll plan to take a few days and try to see and do everything.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Ended Up With a Trampoline

Before I get to the trampoline I must tell you about Camden's fish. He named him Fishy but I called him Swamp Fish. I called him Swamp Fish because admittedly, his fish tank was always a murky color and shallow, in other words it needed to be cleaned. My Mom gave me a hard time whenever she would visit and say things about his tank that began with "that poor fish..."

He had (yes I said had, you can tell where this story is going) lived close to three years in various states of uncleanliness and seemed very happy. After all, I'm sure a beta's natural habitat isn't in crystal clear water that's decorated with blue sparkly rocks and an alligator figurine holding a sign that says "No Fishing!" But that's just a guess.

My Mom came to visit and help with the kiddos last week and decided to clean the fish tank. She had the best of intentions but sadly we woke up the next morning with a floating fish. Apparently I was very in tune to the Swamp Fish's needs; he did like it swampy after all.

We broke the news to Camden who didn't have much of a reaction except to declare that "I miss my best friend" which prompted Nana to announce we were going to go buy a new fish. Our outing began with a stop by Sam's for a few necessities where we saw what has to be the perfect little trampoline for a three year old. It's about seven feet across and a foot and a half off the ground. We ventured down the aisle to check out the price. (again, you know where this story is going) Camden asked Nana "Will you buy that trampoline for me? That trampoline right there?" After a call to Papaw for the okay, we loaded up a cart with a trampoline.

Camden has jumped on it everyday since we got it put together. He'll declare "This is sure a nice present for Nana and Papaw to buy me. I like to jump on my trampoline." Heaven forbid Nana every kills something bigger than a fish, who knows what he'll talk her into buying.

Long story short:
Camden's fish died and he ended up with a trampoline.

All Ready for Bed

Washed clean, snuggled in their jammies and all smiles.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Blues


One of Camden's Christmas presents was a scooter. He had asked for one since seeing Madison scoot around on hers at my parents house last Summer. Although he was excited when he received it Christmas morning he rode it maybe twice and that was after much encouragement. Well, last Thursday he decided he was ready to ride and took off down the driveway.

"I'm scooter-ing Momma!"

Deegan watched from the stroller and offered coo's and smiles of encouragement while his big brother scooted up and down the drive way.