Monday, March 29, 2010

13 Week Baby Update

I had my second doctor's appointment this afternoon. Both the baby and myself are doing well. I got to listen to the heartbeat which was beating at 160 beats per minute. I had time to ask several questions that were weighing on my mind about an induction and receiving an epidural. (Both of which we experience with Camden) I haven't felt the baby move just yet but have been told that within the next few weeks I could start feeling him move around.

Yes...I said him. At our ultrasound a few weeks ago the sonogram tech (I'm not sure that is really what their title is but it sounds good to me) thought that it would be a boy and gave us an 80% chance that he was right. After going to my doctor today she said that she hasn't had any of her patients get a wrong gender from the office that did the ultrasound. We'll know "for sure" on April 30th when they do the official gender screening but have already started throwing around boy names. Maybe we'll pick a few girl's names too...just in case.

I have another appointment in four weeks so stay tuned!

On a random note:
Camden says that we should name the baby "sister."

In The Backyard

Just a few things we've recently done outside while
enjoying Houston in the Spring:

Enjoyed a snack (that he's so politely showing on in the first pic)
and climbed around on the swing set.

Ran through the grass with only one shoe on.
Although it didn't last long because he was
running to me so that I would put it back on.

Played peak-a-boo from inside his little play house.

Went shopping for grass and seeds.

And finally, "cleaned up" the back yard so that Brian could mow the grass. My definition of clean up meant to pick up his toys. Camden's definition included sweeping the leaves.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome To Chaos

We've lived in our house for almost two years and have detested the kitchen tile since the first time we looked at the house. We always had plans to rip it out ourselves, use Brian's fancy tile saw that he got for a steal off of Craig's List and have ourselves a little DIY project. Long story short, we never seemed to find the time to do it ourselves and managed to find a trustworthy company that was reasonably priced to do it for us. They will be able to finish the job, correction...two jobs, in three days where it would have taken us several weekends. Job number two is the master bath. Question, who puts carpet in a bathroom?? No us...hints the reason for tile instillation in the bathroom.

These are the before pictures:

And now for the pictures that will make the title make sense:

We had to empty out our closets and move everything out of the kitchen and bathroom that was on the floor. Our front room is currently our closet and home to all the doors in the bathroom. The kitchen, including the fridge has been moved into living room.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Big Boy Bed

Brian, Camden and I trekked across town to Ikea to pick out some furniture for Camden's new big boy room. We have visited what seems like countless furniture stores looking for just the right bed with out having spending a small fortune. Camden wanted a bunk bed.
After a lot of searching we decided on a shorter loft bed
with a super cute tent from Ikea.

After picking out what we wanted, loading up the boxes and heading home we got to work putting the bed together while Camden took a nap. This is what we started with:

We should have know we were in for a "fun" experience for two reasons. First, we went to Ikea to get furniture that we know has to be put together. Secondly, the first page of the wordless instructions looked like this:

After a couple of hours, a lot of frustration and a few choice words we finally started to make progress. Here is Brian pretending
to be happy that he's putting furniture together:

All in all the frustration was worth it because
Camden LOVES his new bed!
(which he won't actually sleep in until we finish the rest of his room)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parent's Weekend

My parents came into town this weekend for a short visit. We didn't do too much since it was Spring break which equals tons of people at any type of touristy place that you'd like to visit. Once exception we made to the "avoid the crowds" rule was to go to Kemah Boardwalk.

Traffic was crazy and the entire area was busier than I had ever seen it. We decided on an early dinner at T-Bone Tom's (what has to be one of my FAVORITE restaurants) before walking the boardwalk and rummaging through a few shops. We had a great time in what had to be near perfect weather.

Now for a quick random food comment.
This is a plate of small fried slices of heaven:

Fried Pickles!!
I'm not going to blame this craving on being pregnant since I loved them before, but they tasted even better than I remembered. I could go for a few right now...which I do blame on being pregnant. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Butcher #2

On Tuesday morning Brian and I had the opportunity
to see the newest addition to our family.
By the way...we're expecting just in case you didn't know!
The baby looks healthy and is developing right on track.

Here are #2's first pictures:

Baby Butcher #2

An Itty-Bitty Foot

A Tiny Little High Five

An Adorably Fuzzy Profile

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bubble Bath

With the exception of when he was a newborn, Camden has always loved bath time. A total water baby. (in tub and the pool) Now that he's become Mr. Independent he wants to help fill up the tub, pour in the bubbles and do all of the washing himself.

A Cozy Place to Read

Nothing like curling up with a good book.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Trip To The Park

We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and headed outside. After we grabbed lunch on Sunday we loaded up the car and headed to the park.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Camden was given a bubble mover for his birthday from his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Callie and we finally got it out of the box a few days ago and put it together. It doesn't spit out near as many bubbles as the colorful packing would have you believe but Camden loved mowing the grass and sidewalk and that's what really matters.

As for the extra bottle of bubbles, a few were blown while the
rest were spilled on the sidewalk. Those were a stick
mess but fun while they lasted.