Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Man Group

Brian's Mom gave us tickets to the Blue Man Group as a Christmas present. We were very surprised and excited when we discovered we were in the second row from the stage. We were then even more surprised and excited when we learned this section was referred to as the "poncho section," meaning we're close enough to have materials used on stage splashed on us. We were given snazzy plastic ponchos to protect us from the projectiles!

We LOVED the show!
(ponchos and all)

To The Left and The Right

I thought these pictures were too funny not
to share the story behind them.

After sledding last week we ventured up to the ski lodge for hot chocolate. I tried to get a picture of Kiera and Camden only to have them turn their heads as soon as I took the picture. I did manage to get perfect profiles of two little toboggan heads though.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dashing Through The Snow

Last week Brian, Camden and I drove up to Mt. Charleston with Christine, her two kiddos, brother-in-law and niece to do a little sledding. I have to admit this was my first time to EVER sled. In my defense, we don't live anywhere that normally receives snow or has hills on which to sled down.

We all had a blast sledding, falling, throwing snowballs, falling, drinking hot coco at the lodge and falling. We have tons of videos of all of the falling but for now you'll have to settle for the pictures of everyone on their feet.

Two Peas In A Pod

Something tells me that Camden and Kiera
liked spending time together.
What do you think??

Three Hour Delay

You may be asking yourself...
How do you keep an almost two year old entertained when confronted with a three hour delay?

You (thankfully) find a quiet part of the terminal where you can have your own corner to run around in, pull out ever coloring utensil and you have, eat lots of snacks, chase each other around, play with every toy in your carry on bag, climb on chairs, "call" people on the courtesy phone, watch a video on the portable DVD player and repeat the aforementioned activities as needed.

Our Little Family Christmas

We decided to have our own little Christmas before leaving for Las Vegas. We started the morning off with opening gifts followed by a special breakfast. After we filled our bellies with breakfast pizza and treats from our stockings we spent the morning playing with the oodles of toys that now reside in our living room.

Just a few quick pics from our little family Christmas last week:

On Four Wheels

I'll keep these next 100 posts short so I can catch up.
( maybe 100 is over exaggerating)

Brian and I got Camden a four-wheeler for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost Too Cute For Words

I have a video of Madison on my phone taken several months ago at my parents house. In it, she is running around the back porch and stops only to approach my phone and begin making silly babbling noises. Camden loves this video and will ask to see
it most anytime my phone is in sight.

We found ourselves waiting in the car a few mornings
ago so I put it on for him to watch. (at his request)
This is his reaction:

I wish you could hear his big belly laugh that matches his expression.

The picture warms my heart and makes me smile.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silly Face

This silly face is courtesy of a Yo Gabba Gabba episode.

A Pile Of Leaves

Brian raked up a few of the leaves in the backyard this afternoon for the sole purpose of having Camden play in them...and play he did.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The whole believing in Santa issue it still up for debate in our
house but that didn't stop us from venturing out to the mall
to take Camden's picture with him.

I think he's the best looking and most
authentic Santa I've ever seen.
(if Santa were real that is)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Can You Ever Have Too Many Tools?

I've posted on more than one occasion a blog
aboutCamden and his tools.
Ready for another one??

After lunch today Gill and I exchanged the kids Christmas presents. Gill, Aiden and Annsley gave Camden an adorable workbench. It came complete with foam wooden pieces and that could be used to build a variety of little crafts and, of course, more tools.
Thank you again Gill!

Who do you think is enjoying playing with it more?

Jump N Jungle

A few days ago Camden and I were invited to go to Jump N Jungle with Heather and her son Carson. We asked Gill, Aiden and Annsley to join us and ventured out for some
jumping fun this morning.

I think it goes without saying that the kids had a blast. Even us Mommies got a workout climbing, jumping and chasing the kiddos around. As an extra bonus, nice long naps
followed in the afternoon.

Thank you Heather for inviting us to tag along!

Heather~I apologize for not having pictures of your little guys. The few pictures I did managed to catch were very blurry. They were just moving too fast for me to catch on film. :)