Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Battle Ground-Bedtime

It is amazing that this little angelic face will turn to tears (and I mean wailing and sobbing) after his sneaky attempts at
avoiding nap time and bedtime fail.

Camden was never a "good" sleeper when he was an infant but after crossing those bedtime hurdles about sleeping through the night we thought that we were in the clear until he developed a recent protest to bedtime. I know that its just a phase but with the soon approaching arrival of a new baby (T-1 Day...if he cooperates) a bedtime battle was the last thing I really wanted added to my list of worries.

I know this, like all things, will pass but had to share our
little struggle and his adorable pre-bedtime picture.
Mainly the picture...isn't he precious?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quick Visit

Dixie is one of my good friends that I've had the pleasure of knowing for close to six years. We met in one of what turned out to be many education classes we had together while attending Texas Tech. She lives in Ft. Worth so we don't often have the opportunity to see each aside from the few times we've popped in while traveling through the Dallas area. This time, it was her and her husband Jimmy's turn to pop in on us. We had a great evening of food and conversation while being entertained by Camden. I think they had as much fun with
Camden as they did with us.
(yes, that is a pull up on Camden's's his "hat")
Don't worry-It is clean!

They are expecting their first child just a few short weeks after us. We took the opportunity to snap a belly shot of both of us because next time we manage to cross paths we'll have new babies to hold in our pictures...minus the bellies.

He's Part Monkey

I think he gets it from his Dad.

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Apology & Play-Doh

I must first apologize for the lack of posting to those of you who regularly check my blog for new pictures and updates about what is going on in our family...because, frankly, there haven't been any. I blame it on being pregnant and chasing Camden around. Being pregnant will come to an end sometime in the coming weeks although chasing Camden around will not. With that being said, I will attempt to keep up with the blog even though business around our house will get more hectic with a newborn rather less.

Brian and I took Camden to Toys R Us last weekend and let him pick out a new Play-Doh set. After having to remind him numerous times what we came to the store for and redirecting him to the Play-Doh section he finally settled on the swirling ice cream set. We have had hours of fun making ice cream cones, an assortment of cookies and candies, donuts, sprinkles, pancakes, balls, glasses, snakes and facial hair (the first picture is a donut that he made into a "mustache").

Monday, September 6, 2010

Super Comfy

This is a snapshot of Camden from the other morning:
He is sipping milk while kicked back in the recliner with a soft blanket.
He is still in his jammies too I might add.

"Mommy, I am super comfy!"
And why wouldn't he be??

Back To School

I suppose I should say still at school rather than back since Camden didn't really stop going during the summer. He has attended mother's day out (which he calls school) twice a week at our church since last February. Last week he moved into what he calls the
"Big Class"-also known as the Older Two's Class.

He's in a new room in the larger school building with a new teacher. He loves school! I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture before heading out the door last week to signify the
move to hisnew "Big Class."

Can Your Mind Come Out To Play?

Brian took last Friday off of work, which made for a four day weekend. We decided to trek downtown to the Houston Children's Museum to spend a little quality fun family time together while avoiding the Labor Day crowds which would ascend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We had a great time exploring, learning and playing together.
Here are a few pictures from our morning out: