Monday, May 31, 2010

Visitors From Afar

My brother Daniel and his wife Callie made the long drive from Levelland down to Houston for the Memorial Day Weekend. We spent the weekend shopping, at the beach, eating tons of yummy food, talking, sightseeing, taking naps, and hanging out around the house. I didn't take oodles of pictures like I normally do (shocker I know) but still managed to catch a few cute shots of some of our weekend fun.

At the beach in Galveston:

Riding the pony at Kings Confectionery on the Strand in Galveston:
(we all came home with multiple bags of sweet treats)

And finally...
Uncle Daniel showed Camden all he knew about racing:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

And The Gold Medal Goes To...

(and all of the other kids in his class)

A slight disclaimer before you read on:
I do not claim to be a human tripod or have an eye for spectacular angels therefor, I'll apologize in advance for my cinematography skills. I have found out how easily it is to copy files from our video camera so I may go a little overboard for a bit.

Now, on the the actual blog that illustrates the title...

Today was Camden's last gymnastic class of the semester.
After playing with his classmates and practicing all of the skills he's learned throughout the semester each child was called to the podium decorated with balloons and received a gold medal.

Camden was so proud and had the biggest smile on his face when Coach Stephanie gave him his medal. He said "I have a medal Mommy! They gave me a medal! Its my medal!"

And do you know what?
His Mommy and Daddy are pretty darn proud too!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of Year Chapel

Today was Camden's last day of school for the Spring semester. Since it was their last chapel of the semester the parents were invited to see each class sing a special song they had prepared. This was Camden's first group performance so I was ready and waiting with the video camera to capture what I was sure would be a memorable performance. I'll give you fair warning; there is no singing involved on Camden's part but the event is definitely memorable.

After chapel Brian and I joined Camden and his class for lunch.
These are a few more memories captured from the day:

Camden with his teachers
Miss Ashley and Miss Christina

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Road To Space

Me: "Camden what are you building?"
Camden: "I building a road."

Me: "Where does the road go."
Camden: "To space."

Me: "Space is a long way away. You'll need to make a
really long road to get to outer space."
Camden: "Space is right there."
as he points to his table and chairs-
which just so happens to be where his road ends

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Masterpiece

I made a trip to the craft store earlier this week to pick up a few things for teacher thank you gifts. While I was there I was skimmed the sale isle and dollar deals. This tiny printed canvas was amongst the goodies so I picked one up for Camden to color. I knew if we got the paint out that the activity would last all of two minutes while he covered the entire canvas with one color of paint so I opted for markers instead. He concentrated so hard to to color inside the little details and circles. After a quite a few minutes of intense concentration he decided coloring in the lines required too much effort so he went wild with the markers. After posing for a picture with his new work of art, we proudly displayed his colorful fire engine on his bookshelf in his room.

The experience, sense of pride and new artwork in his room was definitely worth the whole dollar I spent on the canvas.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There Is No A/C Out Here

We have been spending a lot of time outside the last few weeks either in the sandbox or the swimming pool. I should clarify, Camden has spent his time in either the sandbox or the pool while I have spent my time in the shade on the back porch. I've never been an "outside" girl and I must admit that I hate the heat and
humidity that has become a daily weather trait.

The weather doesn't seem to bother Camden in the least nor does the fact that I would rather be inside where the
air conditioning is running instead of outside sweating.
None the less, we've been hanging out outside.

Nothing Says Summer...

like ice cream and swimming pools.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A New Name

Since we moved and redecorated Camden's room I've wanted to redo the wall letters that spelled his name. Originally, we were not very creative. They were painted white, green, blue and finally red. The red still matched his bedding and room so I didn't think another coat of paint was entirely necessary but wanted to dress them up a bit. I used some of the material from an extra sheet that coordinated with his bedding, ribbon and multicolored buttons to create his new letters.

I did all of the prep work-cutting, gluing, measuring and such but Camden picked out all the buttons and, with my gluing assistance, glued them all into place. Such a simple little way for him to help but he had such a sense of accomplishment. When we were finished he said, "Those are my new letters!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sprinkle No More

Camden loves his little sprinkle pool.
Correction-loved his sprinkle pool.
The ring along the edge of the pool would fill with water from the hose and create a sprinkler ring around the shallow pool. That was,
until Camden jumped onto the ring with the water running
causing the seam along the ring to burst.
No more sprinkle pool.

The little pool lasted us a little over a year with almost daily use during the summer and I bought it on sale so I can't complain too much. But I must confess, I'm already on the lookout for replacement.

The Sandbox Revisited

Simply more pics of Camden in his sandbox.
I took them about a week ago and it would
be a shame not to post them...
They are just too darn cute!