Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pinching Pennies

And Quarters
And Nickels
And Dimes

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun In The Sun

We've spent a very limited amount of time outside thanks in part to the sweltering heat, humidity and my hatred for sweating.
What makes these hot summer days almost bearable is the cool spray from Camden's small kiddy-pool. He plays inside the pool while I sit on the grass with my feet soaking along the inside edge.
It's a little cool piece of heaven on a horribly hot summer day!

Walk A Mile In His Shoes

Maybe one day...
but right now he struggles to take even a few steps.

Just think, his tiny little feet may be as big as his Daddy's one day.


I bought Camden a set of Crayola Color Wonder paint brushes that have the paint inside the brush and only mark on special paper. He loves to color with crayons and markers so paint was the next logical medium. Since this set of paints doesn't have the typical mess...Camden can "go to town."
(Yes, he does have a bib on just in case-the paint can discolor fabrics.)

He loves the process and I love the outcome.
(more artwork for the kitchen)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swim Trunks & Swimming Pools

Saturday was the perfect day to set up Camden's little baby pool-sprinkler combo!
We wondered the isles of Toys-R-Us trying to find the perfect little pool that was age appropriate and could be easily moved and emptied every few days when we came across this one.

After taking the five minutes it took to open the box, unroll the pool and hook up the hose, we suited up Camden in his swimming gear and let him loose in the back yard. He had a blast!

Yea for summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach Baby

Camden has been the the beach a number of times but when we took him to walk on the beach this past weekend, he had more fun in the waves and sand than he ever has. I neglected to take his bathing suit because we were only planning on walking in the sand while letting the waves run over our toes.

Camden, on the other hand, wanted to go for a dip! He started fully clothed but we removed his shorts when we walked a little farther in to ensure that he'd have dry pants the rest of the day. Then, we removed his shirt after he started splashing, jumping and sitting in the waves. Yes, he was a half naked baby in a soggy wet diaper on the beach....but he had a blast!

We were planning a trip back before we left.
Next time there will be a change of clothes, bathing suit, towels and a picnic involved.


In case you need a translation, that's shrimp in toddler.
On Friday went to one of our favorite resturants in Galveston, Benno's. They have great seafood with a Cajun kick. Yummy!
We discovered that Camden loves coleslaw and doesn't care for crab cakes. As for the rest of us, we gobbled up fried and stuffed shrimp with all the fixings. Again...yummy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


My parents came into town this past week which gave us the perfect opportunity to be tour guides! One of our outings (there are several posts to come) was to Johnson Space Center. We explored Space Center Houston and took the NASA tour. Brian was our unofficial tour guide and pointed out all of the little things the official guide didn't....including the windows to his office. :)

Hammer Time

When we ventured down town last weekend we happened to come across a little toy store. After shopping around, we finally decided that Camden would really enjoy whacking multicolored balls with a wooden hammer. After all, he uses his other toy hammers to bang up and dent our furniture, why not encourage that behavior while redirecting it to an acceptable thing to hit.
He loves it! It is one of the first toys that he will play with for a prolonged amount of time and will continually come back to. Nothing like a little "hammer time!"