Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camden And The Hose

Even with a multitude of water toys at his disposal his
favorite thing to play with is the water hose.

On this particular day he was playing topless, in his workout shorts and cowboy boots. A nice look if I do say so myself. For some reason, that I'm sure you can figure out, his boots were a little soggy.

Crazy Hair

Someone is in need of a haircut.
Maybe...just maybe?

For one reason or another I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'll take a cue from other bloggers who post a picture
sans story on Wednesdays.

I cannot find words to accurately describe this picture, or
Camden in it for that matter, but absolutely love it.

Before and After

I made a creamy beef baked pasta for dinner tonight. This was the first time I have given Deegan a plate full of pasta and just let him go to town. I think it goes without saying that he dug right in and
enjoyed every bite. The proof is in the pictures.

As dinner started:

And as dinner concluded:

You don't wear that much food without loving it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slipping And A Sliding

Yesterday I took the boys to Target to check out their summer clearance and came across a slip and slide. You may remember a previous post about a slip and slide that I am sad to report only lasted a few days before it had numerous holes and was nothing more than a ripped sheet of plastic. This time we bought not one, but two slip and slides. Now we'll have a backup for when this
one inevitably gets torn up.

Now that we have said slip and slide, this is how our morning went: we unrolled the hose, unfolded the slip and slide, hooked up the hose, turned the water and let the boys have at it. Camden slipped and slid while Deegan crawled around in the sprinkles and
splashed in the puddles.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Singing In The Rain

And splashing, and crawling, and jumping and playing in the rain.
Yes, I said rain.

Much like everywhere else in the state, we're in a drought. Over the last three days we've received several hours of steady rain. This afternoon, while the boys were having a snack on the back porch, it started to rain. After just a few minutes puddles had formed along the edge of the porch and the boys jumped right in. They had a blast but were too little mud balls by the time I managed to drag
them back into the house.

A bath quickly followed our puddle adventures to wash the mud away.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art In Your Undies

I'm sure all the great artist stripped down when working
in their medium of choice.

Our medium for this rainy morning was markers. I cut a piece of packing paper and hung in on the glass door to the atrium
and let Camden write, draw and just create.

After twenty minutes or so Camden had drawn several self
portraits, a house, diamonds and wrote his name
(with a few upside down letters) on his own.

Deegan was the official marker handler...and taster. Surprisingly he managed to keep all the lids on while he slobbered on them..

Boys and Their Toys

Brian has recently gotten into RC cars/trucks. This means, Camden too has been bitten by the "AC car" (as he calls it) bug. Sunday after church they charged the batteries and drove around the cul-de-sac jumping curbs as they went.

"It's The Greatest Show On Earth"

Or so Barnum and Bailey claim. Camden, on the other hand,
wasn't too impressed.

To be quite honest he was much more excited about getting a light-up sword and a rainbow snow cone than he was any part of the circus. Deegan slept through the first half of the show and wanted to get down and play the second. We had our hands full trying to entertain
and contain him; to say the least.

Camden did like the clowns, elephants and "when the people flew from the sky" (trapeze artist). Deegan liked looking at the lights and munching on a soft pretzel. Even though neither of the boys were all into it the circus we did make some fun family memories.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Babies

In an effort to get the few things I wanted to post actually posted before they're no longer relevant, I'm going to give you the reader's digest version. We swam in the ocean, dug in the sane and ate seafood.
In other words, we went to the beach. :)