Friday, March 27, 2009

Living Room Camp Out

Did you ever make tents when you were younger?
My brothers and I would pull out the chairs from around the kitchen table, put them in the living room spreading them as far apart as possible and cover them with blankets that we pulled off of our beds or out of closets. We'd then spend hours filling our new hideout with toys, furniture and other tent necessities. Ahh..memories!

Well, Brian and I set up a tent for Camden last weekend and it has become and temporary fixture in our living room.
We decided to pitch the mini tent I had ordered from a book fair at school several years ago after watching him crawl back and forth between the couch and coffee table when Brian was lounging there with a blanket draped across his legs. It made a little tent just long and tall enough for him to crawl through.
Seeing how much he liked crawling through there gave met he motivation to dig the tent box out of the closet. Since setting up the tent it has become a hiding place, toy storage, a great story spot and a little place where we've shared a lot of laughs together.
Who knew a little tent could be so much fun for not only Camden, but Brian and I as well?!?!

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The Mellberg Family said...

Yep, I think we all have those childhood memories. It is fun that you're carrying on the tradition. Not to much to enjoy about our weather, snow and 50 mph wind. Don't you miss it?