Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swim Trunks & Swimming Pools

Saturday was the perfect day to set up Camden's little baby pool-sprinkler combo!
We wondered the isles of Toys-R-Us trying to find the perfect little pool that was age appropriate and could be easily moved and emptied every few days when we came across this one.

After taking the five minutes it took to open the box, unroll the pool and hook up the hose, we suited up Camden in his swimming gear and let him loose in the back yard. He had a blast!

Yea for summer!


The Mellberg Family said...

Looks like fun, Baylor hates the pool. Maybe you're going to have a little fish.

Christine said...

I wish we were there!! Kiera and Kaiden would have so much fun with Camden in the pool......soon I hope!

Tosha said...

I almost got the same thing for the girls until Samantha picked out another one with a dolphin. He looks like he's having a blast. Good times!