Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Camden absloutly loved having his Cousin Madison to play with!
And Madison was more than thrilled to have her "Baby Camden" to play with!

This is really the first time they've played with eachother.
That sounds weird...they've played together 100's of times, but they haven't really "played." Does that make since?

Anyway, Camden is finally getting to an age where he can play cooperatively with other kids. It probably helps that he can really run now; it's easier for him to keep up with her.

They were best buddies all week. He really misses her too, now he's stuck back at home with his boring ol' mommie.
(my words, not his...he thinks I'm wonderfully entertaining but I feel it's hard to compete with a four-year-old! lol)

We miss you Madison!
Remember who's your favorite!


tzweed said...

awww! those are the best pictures ever! They look like the happiest cousins!

Christine said...

How awesome is that! They look so happy playing with one another!