Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quick Visit

Dixie is one of my good friends that I've had the pleasure of knowing for close to six years. We met in one of what turned out to be many education classes we had together while attending Texas Tech. She lives in Ft. Worth so we don't often have the opportunity to see each aside from the few times we've popped in while traveling through the Dallas area. This time, it was her and her husband Jimmy's turn to pop in on us. We had a great evening of food and conversation while being entertained by Camden. I think they had as much fun with
Camden as they did with us.
(yes, that is a pull up on Camden's head...it's his "hat")
Don't worry-It is clean!

They are expecting their first child just a few short weeks after us. We took the opportunity to snap a belly shot of both of us because next time we manage to cross paths we'll have new babies to hold in our pictures...minus the bellies.

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