Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take You For A Ride On My Big Green Tractor

I may have mentioned in an earlier post about coming home from Levelland minus one kiddo. The minus one was Camden. He spent the three days after Brian, Deegan and I drove back to
Houston with my parents.

It was the first time we've "left" him with anyone for more than a short babysitting session. In the days leading up to our departure we weren't sure that Camden would stay. He kept saying things like "I want you to stay with me." and "I just want to go home." But, when it came down to it and Brian and I were loading up the car, he simply said "Bye. I'm going to watch my cartoons in Nana's bed." Well then....

While in the land of the level he had a blast visiting the Science Spectrum, Stars and Stripes drive in (although the projector was broken so they didn't get to actually watch a movie), playing with Madison, playing in the sandbox and fishing with Papaw (pictures in previous post). The activity he's talked the most about has to be getting to ride in the "fast tractor that sometimes goes too slow." Thanks R.H. for giving him a ride....the kid loves tractors; and my parents, brothers and the rest of my family for making his first
solo trip one full of great memories.

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