Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost Too Cute For Words

I have a video of Madison on my phone taken several months ago at my parents house. In it, she is running around the back porch and stops only to approach my phone and begin making silly babbling noises. Camden loves this video and will ask to see
it most anytime my phone is in sight.

We found ourselves waiting in the car a few mornings
ago so I put it on for him to watch. (at his request)
This is his reaction:

I wish you could hear his big belly laugh that matches his expression.

The picture warms my heart and makes me smile.


Patty said...

Ah this is a good post! He is getting soo big almost 2!! OMGoodness!! Can you believe it? I remember just yesterday we were filling or trying to fill up the swimming pool! LOL..

Amanda said...

OMG! We were so crazy...LOL
Time sure has gone by quickly...too quickly if you ask me.

We will HAVE to get our little ones together when we come back to Levelland in January. :)

Amanda said...

BTW...I like that you started your blog back up. :)