Thursday, April 2, 2009

Independent Reading

Yesterday morning I was switching loads of laundry around while Camden was playing with toys in his room. The laundry room is right next to Camden's room so I could easily hear him chatting away and clanking things around. After a few minutes I noticed that he had become very quite, which usually means he's getting into trouble.
I turn the corner into his room and find this:

Camden had crawled up into the rocking chair, pulled books out of the book baskets on the top shelf of the toy cabinet next to the chair and sat down to "read." (notice every book is upside down) It was the cutest thing ever! I was even more surprised that he was still there after I ran to get the camera. He sat there for fifteen minutes or more just looking through the various books that we read before bedtime.

We read together at least three times a day and he's just recently started showing a high interest in his books. He's always liked to be read to but now he's pointing at the pictures, "requesting" specific books and sitting for longer or multiple stories.
I suppose can add independent reading to that list now.


tzweed said...

He's the cutest thing ever. I'll have to send him some books! At least he's starting early, he'll be reading in no time!

Amanda said...

awww!!!!! such a cutie!!!