Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Camden recently discovered how to screw the lids onto watter bottles (he's still working on taking them off). And once one comes out, he can't get his hands on it fast enough. Normally, I'll give him my empty bottles and let him go to town. (I've decided we're not buying anymore toys...odds and ends around the house will do just fine)

After our morning walk I was sipping on a bottle of water when Camden came running and pointing to the bottle. After a few more sips, I gave Camden the bottle, lid and remaining water.
After taking a few big boy sips he poured the water onto the patio and proceeded to walk though it, splash it around, sit in it and make a little mud puddle. Once it was empty he put the lid back on and immediately starting whining because he couldn't get it off. Hilarious! :)
Needless to say he was a bit messy but it was so much fun to watch him! Who knew a a water bottle could provide hours of fun!?!?

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