Monday, July 27, 2009

Backyard Acessory

On Friday, Brian went to help Gill breakdown and bring over the swing set she had in the backyard at her house she's selling. She graciously offered us the set after she moved into an apartment.

The set is complete with wavy slide, ladder, two swings a "loft" and a pull-up bar. Camden wants to go outside more than ever, thanks to our new backyard accessory. He absolutely loves it!
It will take cooler weather for me to fall in love with it...there is too much heat and sweating involved for me at this point.
(I really do love the swing set...just not summer)

With the set in our yard, Gill and her kiddos will still be
able to enjoy it as well.
Aiden and Annsley-You're welcome anytime!
Thank you Gill!

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