Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Choo! Choo!

Camden and I went to Toys R Us last week to pick him up a "just because" present. We don't often spoil him (although others may debate so I though it would be fun to let him pick out whatever he wanted. (within Mommy's budget, that is)

After walking up and down various isles a large display of
Geo Trax caught his attention. We spent a few minutes playing with the train set before deciding upon a set of track and a red remote control train.

We opened the box just moments after returning home, inserted the 6 (yes 6) required batteries, snapped together the track and we're "choo choo-ing" around the living room in no time!


Christine said...

Again so cute!! That will be so much fun for him and you as long as it does not make too much noise.

Amanda said...

It does make train noises...but those batteries can always be removed if necessary. :)