Sunday, June 27, 2010

Historic San Antonio

After making the short drive to San Antonio from Houston we checked into our hotel and ventured out to see the sights in downtown. Our first stop was the Alamo. I honestly can't tell you too many details about the Alamo (it has been forever since I've taken any sort of Texas history and I've never been a history buff) but I did my best to explain the general gist to Brian before walked through. Camden was less than impressed but did get more than a few passerby's attention when he exclaimed "It's so beautiful!" as we approached the main entrance.

After a quick tour we ventured across the street and walked around the River Walk. We walked along the side of the river gazing at the various shops, deciding between the oodles of restaurants and taking in the beautiful scenery. We took a boat tour of the river and ended our visit with dinner at Rita's on the River and a quick stop in to a sweetshop.

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