Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea World :Take Two

We made the short trek out to Sea World on Saturday morning with three main goals: feed the dolphins again, play in Shamu's Happy Harbor and watch Believe again with time when Camden was awake. We achieved all three but I must admit that the first two items on the agenda were met with much more excitement than seeing Shamu.

We visited the dolphin cove first to feed and pet them one last time. On our first venture we purchased one tray of fish. On our second trip we purchased tray did no last long enough. This was everyone's favorite activity of the entire trip!

Camden LOVED playing in the water feature at Shamu's Happy Harbor!
He loved it so much that we visited it twice.

A final snapshot with a penguin who I'm sure has an official name but not one which I am familiar with. Shamu gets all of the notoriety.
Camden loved all the costumed characters; every time he saw one he wanted to give them hugs and high fives.

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