Monday, January 17, 2011

Operation Slim Down (Week 2)

Week two of exercise didn't go as well as the first. My excuse? Germs. We finally managed to get everyone well by midweek and after all of the hacking and snotty noses I wasn't in the mood to actually workout. I only missed one cardio workout for the week (which I plan to makeup this week), didn't work in an extra toning workout and ate like junk so I can't be too disappointed with
the big zero on the weight loss this week.

Sunday-Rest Day
Monday-Missed-CJS Week 2 Day 1
Tuesday-CJS Week 2 Day 2
Wednesday-CJS Week 2 Day 3
Thursday-CJS Week 2 Day 4
Friday-Rest Day
Saturday-Rest Day

Weekly Weight Loss-0
Total Weight Loss-1

1 comment:

The Hords said...

Bless your heart! Glad everyone is feeling better. At least you didn't gain.