Sunday, January 9, 2011

Operation Slim Down

I have finally admitted to myself that I am chunky. Well, I've been well aware that I've packed on a few pounds (ok, more than a few) and am finally ready to do something about it. I used both pregnancy's as an excuse to eat...and eat I did. Now it's time to make all
that extra weight disappear.

For Christmas I asked for a workout program for the Wii. Brian bought me EA Sport Active 2. It is an interactive program that uses sensors and a heart rate monitor to tailor and track your workouts.

I started the Cardio Jump Start (CJS) program last Sunday. It's a three week program that consist of four workout and three rest days each week. It's supposed to help you build up your cardio fitness before beginning the nine week fitness program.

So here's where I'm at:
S-CJS Week 1 Day 1
M-CJS Week 1 Day 2
T-CJS Rest, Upper Body Workout
W-CJS Week 1 Day 3
Th-CJS Week 1 Day 4, Morning Walk
F-CJS Rest, Morning Walk
S-CJS Rest

Pounds Lost: 1

I am going to try to post a weekly update to keep myself
motivated and to hopefully see progress.


Sarai said...

hey, good for you! Nothing like a blog to keep you accountable! :)

A Shellbug's World said...

I'm proud of you it is so hard to take the first step. I have a Wii and love the fitness aspect of it. I must admit that I don't do it as I should but what can I say. Good luck and stay with it I know you will do great.