Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deegan's Surgery

Deegan was born with an ear tag. Basically, he had a small piece of skin and extra piece of cartilage that formed just outside of his ear on his left side. It was a little worrisome at first because it can be a sign of kidney problems (because the ears and kidneys form at the same time in the womb) or hearing difficulties. A quick ultrasound after he was born ruled out kidney issues and he reacts to sounds around him so we're pretty sure his hearing is okay too.

The day after he was born his pediatrician checked him out and mentioned having it removed sometime when he was around four months old. We were referred to an amazing pediatric surgeon and, after visiting with him about our options, we scheduled Deegan for surgery. The entire thing scared me to death even though it was a simple routine surgery that would take 15 minutes to complete. I was more nervous about the anesthesia than the actual procedure.

Wednesday morning we were at the hospital by seven to check in and do all the preoperative necessaries. Deegan was taken back into the O.R. at 9:10 and I was called back to the recovery room before 10:00. The nurses said it took longer for them to give him the anesthesia and clean the area than it did for the actual procedure. He was extremely upset in the recover room but calmed down after I was able to feed and hold him. We were moved back into our room shortly after.

After a short nap he was awake, ready to eat again and all smiles; he has been ever since. We were extremely happy but very surprised that he bounced back so quickly. He has buried stitches covered with glue which will help his incision heal nicely. He has some swelling and bruising around the area that should go down in a few days. We have a follow up appointment in two weeks to check on his progress other wise he's a happy little camper.

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