Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Party

Camden's class celebrated Valentine's day by decorating (and eating) heart shaped pancakes with fruit, chocolate chips and whipped cream. After having their yummy and cute treats the kids decorated Valentine's bags and exchanged cards and candy.

All of the kids in Camden's class love Deegan and always want to see him when I drop Camden off in the mornings. Kennedy, especially, always pays him a lot of attention and will frequently remind me that "I don't have a baby brother. I want a baby."
I've talked to her mom...she's not getting one.

After the excitement of exchanging cards and allowing time for the sugary treats to kick in the class headed outside to
run off some of their energy.

Camden couldn't wait to dig into his Valentine's bag. As soon as we got home he plopped himself down on the back patio and began digging thought the bag looking for candy, tearing open cards and decorating himself with stickers.

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