Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Walk, The Park and a Bucket Full of Treasures

Tuesday morning the boys and I ventured out of our little cul-de-sac, around the corner and down the block to one of the parks in our subdivision. It's more of a field really where various kids athletic teams practice but on one corner of the field is a
swing set surrounded by sand.

The sand was slightly damp which made the perfect building material for sand castles. We filled up our buckets, dumped them out, admired our work and then found creative ways to destroy them.

Camden's idea to sit on them was my personal favorite.
Deegan watched all the fun in the sand. I'm sure he wanted to jump right in and roll around with his brother.

Our next stop was the swings where Deegan was finally
able to get in on the fun.

After we were done digging in the sand and swinging we walked back across the field, down the street, around the corner and back into our little cul-de-sac. Along the way Camden would stop to pick up "treasures." By the time we got home (which took close to half an hour for what should be a ten minute walk) he had two buckets full of flowers, sticks, pine needles, rocks, leaves, pine cones and grass.

Once we made it home Camden emptied his treasured out into his treasure chest which just so happens to be his playhouse.

The morning's events proved to be too much for Deegan as he crashed in the stroller right when we got home. I think that's a sign that he had a good time though. I know that Camden did; the rest of the day he told me "Momma, you're my very best friend. It's been a great day!"

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