Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breakfast in the Park

I will be very honest and admit that I am too tired to attempt to write anything cute or witty. With that being said...

The weather was beautiful this morning so we picked up breakfast and headed to the park. We all had fun running, swinging, sliding and climbing. Some of us more than others; Camden and I took to the playground while Brian and Deegan watched us.

Camden is too cool for pictures these days. Deegan on the other hand takes as many as we want...he's not able to escape just yet.

Camden ran up a small hill and then rolled down only to find
himself in tiny stickers. Not the best idea.

Of course we made more than one visit to the swing set;
its a favorite of both boys.

Our last stop was a little pond.
We saw oodles of tiny fish and two turtles.

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