Friday, May 13, 2011

An Impromptu Day Off

Brian took last Friday off so we decided to do something special and fun together as a family. We loaded the boys up and headed down town to the children's museum. Camden was right at home and went through all of his favorite exhibits.

The one he likes the most, I think, has to be the water works area outside. There are all sorts of water activities. The center of the exhibit has a set of water guns that have a floor trigger you step on to shoot water up into a large bowl that, when full, will tip and splash down on those waiting below. Camden spent a lot of time sending water upwards into the bowl only to run when it came splashing down.
It was quite hilarious!

This was the first time that we took Deegan to the museum. While Camden and Brian were going through the kid's town down stairs, Deegan and I took advantage of the tot spot. It's a special area for the little 'uns that has oodles of toys, climbing structures and dramatic play areas. Deegan and I had so much fun exploring together. His favorite spot was right in front of the mirror where he couldn't get enough of that cute boy staring back at him.

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