Monday, August 15, 2011


Off and on over the past few weeks Brian has been filling in on a bowling team some of his friends/co-workers. When he would venture out Camden would ask "Where are you going Daddy?" When we told him that he was going bowling he said that he wanted to go. We had to explain that night time bowling was for grownups but that
we could during the day another time.

During this same time we also stumbled across a Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs and Daffy go bowling. We watched that cartoon oodles of times over the course of several weeks. This only reinforced his frequency of asking "Can we go bowling?"

Guess what we did the past weekend?
We went bowling!

I am sad to say that my score was only 19 points above my three year old who had never bowled before. And yes, that was WITH bumpers. We all had a blast and left with Camden asking when
he can go bowling again.

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