Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I Want To Read My God Book"

We started a new bedtime routine for Camden where we give him fifteen minutes or so of 'quiet time' after we read together. The main reason I decided to add a little extra down time before bed was because he always wanted to read a little longer or do a puzzle and would get out of bed after being tucked in, turn on his light and play away. This usually ended up with us getting upset having to tell him to get into bed 100 times and him getting upset because his book, puzzle or whatever ended up getting taken away. Now, he has a little extra time to do this before bed without getting in trouble.
At least for a while...

Every once and a while he takes his quiet time and gets tucked in before he weasels his way about of bed to take a little extra time. The rule, if you don't take care of your responsibilities after having 'quiet time' you won't get 'quiet time' the next day.

All that build up to bring me to this story:

Brian had tucked Camden into bed last night before leaving to run an errand, shortly after he was in bed I noticed that he had turned his light on. I went into his room and told him to get back into bed. He looked at me and quickly replied "but momma, I just wanted to read my book about Jesus. (Easter ABC's) I want to read my God book so it's okay." I couldn't help but smile. How can you fault a kid for one, wanting to read and two, to read about Jesus? I will confess, I let him leave his light on for a few extra minutes.

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