Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trashcans & Photo Ops

The boys and I went outside this morning to pick up the newspaper and bring the trashcan back from the curb. Thursday is our trash day, in case you were wondering. It's not an important detail but I didn't want to leave you contemplating "why did they go out to get the trashcan?" I know the suspense would just kill you.

I let the boys play in the front yard for a little while which seemed like a big deal to them since we rarely hangout in the front. Deegan explored the flowerbeds, walked down the sidewalk and crawled in the grass.

Camden ran back and forth from our driveway to the neighbors as fast as he could only stopping to pick up "treasures" he found along the way. Thanks to his treasure hunting there is a pile of sticks, pine needles and leaves on our front porch.

While out front I attempted (yes attempted) to take their picture together next to the pumpkins, flowers and scarecrow we have by the front door. This is the best I got:

Great huh?
My solo attempts at a photo op were slightly more successful.

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