Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Babysitting Mommy

Today is my first official day of "work." Okay, it's not a desk job and surely isn't 9 to 5 but it's still work. Why kind of work? Babysitting.

I haven't yet decided if or when I'll return to the education field or in which capacity I will do so. I'm still loving every minute of being home with Camden. The opportunity to babysit presented itself at a meeting with our small group from church. A sweet couple we've become friends with recently had a precious baby girl. Both parents work and the daycare at our church, where their older son attends, starts taking children at the age of 18 months. She was telling me about talking to different people and centers that could take Annsley and wasn't satisfied with the level of care they would provide or could not afford their services. After talking to Brian, I offered to keep her during the week when she works. Her days and hours vary so I could understand how it would be hard to find consistent care at a reasonable price. Fortunately, I have the power to be both! :)

Brian and I were interested and a little concerned to see how Camden would react to having another baby in the house. So far he's been excited, has rocked her car seat, touched her nose, crawled to the bassinet when she started to cry and tried to climb into the swing and bouncy chair that he used not too long ago. We thought that it would be a good opportunity for him to be exposed to a baby so that in the future when another baby is coming along that it wont be a completely foreign concept.

The day has gone wonderfully smooth! Annsley arrived at 7:15 when Camden was having breakfast. She was fed and recently changed so after breakfast we all spent a little time playing together before she took a nap at 8. Her nap time gave Camden and I a little time with just the two of us before he took his nap at 9. I was able to switch the laundry around before Annsley was awake at 9:30. At that point she had a bottle and is currently swinging in the baby swing talking to the mobile. Camden is still napping away which gives me this time to catch everyone up on my new job! Let's just keep our fingers and toes crossed that the rest of the day and each day that I have her goes a smoothly! :)


Angelic Memories said...

WOW! You are brave! I know that you are highly capable of doing all of this though and keeping sane. You amaze me, you are such a great mother and are so wonderful to offer up your time. I just wish you still lived here, or we lived there so you could "watch" our baby too. Guess first, we have to have one huh? I wish you luck and I'll call you later to see how the day went. Miss you & love ya!

Amanda said...

yes yes yes... you are BRAVE!!! let us know how it went!