Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little Time Outside

For Christmas Camden received a mini swing set with an attached slide from my parents. Each side of the box had a bright symbol that said "eazy-peazie to assemble." Not the case! After a couple of hours and a few "colorful" words Brian finally had it put together.

The weather has just recently been nice enough for Camden to get out into the grass and really crawl around. Since being able to do so he's discovered how to climb on his swing set. He loves to slide! We're working on getting him to climb the steps and sit down to do so but he prefers to go head first. He hasn't fallen off yet but I'm sure that time is fast approaching.

I know most all kids loved being outside; and Camden is no exception. He loves picking up leaves from the ground, pulling up blades of grass, watching the trees blow in the wind, and just generally being outdoors. I'm not what you would call an "outdoors" girl but I'm slowly starting to enjoy it a little more each time I take Camden out. Who knows?? I may be out in the woods camping before you know it! LOL

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Anonymous said...

How cute!! I love that he is exploring nature and eating leaves, lol. They really do make us outdoor people. Enjoy every moment!