Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Boost

Camden, like most young children, eats his meals and snacks in a highchair. We always eat our meals as a family at the kitchen table. I was starting to feel like Camden wasn't a part of the "family dinner" because he was in his highchair which was as close to the table as possible but still off to side. So, last week I make a trip to Target and purchased a booster seat. With the instillation of four straps and two buckles Camden's "big boy" chair was installed. I think he's much happier at the grownup table.

In addition to his new chair we've also started giving Camden bowls, plates and utensils at meal times. He does really well with a bowl or plate until he's finished eating or he runs out of an item he really wants. At that point, the bowl usually winds up on the floor. Camden loves using a fork or spoon but needs assistance getting his food onto it. He'll take a bite and hand me the utensil to put more food on it. We'll keep working to make using a spoon an independent task. :)

I'll watch him sometimes and just be in awe of how much he's changed and how quickly he's growing up. *sigh* How did my baby turn in to a big boy so quickly?!?!


Christine said...

Awww, he looks so big!!! I love the chair, I may have to check it out myself I dont like the one we have for Kiera.

tzweed said...

How did that happen? I can't believe how big he is. He'll be driving soon and then dating. Crazy!