Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out For a Walk

Yesterday had to be one of the most beautiful days we've had in a while. It was in the upper 70's with a slight cool breeze. (Notice that I said slight...just have to rub it in for those in West Texas) How I wish it would stay that nice throughout the summer! Can you tell I'm already dreading it???

Anyway...We just had to take advantage of the beautiful day outside so I loaded up the kiddos in the stroller and off we went for a walk. It's amazing how quiet two children will be (even if it's for a few moments) if you simply take them outside. I love that we finally purchased a double stroller...It's my secret weapon! lol

After taking Camden and Annsley for a walk I let Camden loose in the backyard to play. Much like every other time he's played in the backyard, Camden couldn't help but pick up every leaf within his reach, hold it up to his mouth, look at me, smile, and proceed to put it into his mouth while laughing. He's such a stinker!

On a random side note...
Doesn't he look adorable in his new shorts and t-shirt? He's actually wearing a 12 month! Okay, it's still a little big and he could probably fit perfectly into a 9 month, but at least he's getting big enough to wear clothes that don't make him look like a "baby." It seems like once you hit that 12 month size the clothes just look a little more "big boyish."


☆Susan☆ said...

Really cute. I love little boy clothes.

Christine said...

He is a little man. I agree with your stroller analogy, that is how I survived the first 3 months.