Monday, February 2, 2009

A Perfect Saturday

Saturday was the first day we've had on a weekend in LONG time that wasn't full of plans. It always seems like we work so hard to get to Saturday and Sunday only to fill those days to the brim with activities.
Anyway....Saturday was perfect.

After a pancake breakfast and Camden's morning nap we were off to the photographer's to have Camden's one year pictures taken. They turned out SO CUTE!!! We'll have the prints on the ninth and I can hardly wait! After pictures were done we went to eat an oh-so yummy lunch at Pappas Bar-B-Q. After that we were on our way home just in time for Camden to catch his second nap.

Once he was awake he packed up the diaper bag and were off to the park. We've taken Camden to the park before but he wasn't really interested in it at the time. I think he was still a little young and wasn't getting around near as well as he is now. This time he loved it! He's still a little small for some of the climbing structures but he was able to do so much: slide, ride a bouncing rocket, walk to the top of the playground, spin letter balls, "drive" a steering wheel and swing. He loves being outside and enjoyed the change of scenery and toys. To end our excursion we made a quick stop at Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. Camden's day concluded with dinner, a bath, a story and bedtime.

What did I tell ya??? A perfect Saturday!

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