Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Picasso

Camden hasn't been too interested in coloring or writing just yet. He has been very interested in eating crayons, pencils or pens; but not in using them for their intended purpose. For the past couple of days he has pulled every writing utensil out of the desk drawer and removed their lids. I took this as a signal to try some coloring again.

There was a little problem with that idea though...I didn't have any crayons. Yes, the former kindergarten teacher with a half a classroom boxed away in the garage doesn't have crayons. We had to improvise. Highlighters. It was the only colored writing instruments we had in the house so we made due. (I'm heading out to buy crayons today)

After a few minutes of opening and closing the lids Camden got to scribbling. Now our kitchen has it's first "Camden Original" hanging on the wall. My little Picasso!


Anna said...

You are so smart! The picture turned out really well! Also, looks like you had a nice birthday. I love being in West Texas, but sometimes I wish we had quick getaway to an ocean/lake/river! Sorry Camden has been sick. I would imagine it was miserable (on him and you!) Hope he is feeling better.

Patty said...

I like how his drawing is already in a am still waiting to put pictures up!!

tzweed said...

He did so good! You should check out that new Crayola water stuff. They only write on certain paper, then he won't get it everywhere. Maybe he can draw your Christmas cards!