Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Boy Bed

It's hard to believe that the tiny little eight pound baby we set this crib up for is ready for a big boy bed.

We tried to convert his bed about a month ago and it didn't go well; by 9:30 we were replacing the crib rail to the front of his crib.
This time it's gone much smoother.
Friday, after Camden's nap, he woke up yelling "Off! Off!" and was pushing against the front of his crib. So, we took off the crib rail and put up the toddler rails and he's been in his big boy bed ever since.

There has been much more excitement about his "Bee Boy Bed" than tears. He's so proud that he refers to it throughout the day and wants to show it off when friends come by the house.

Needless to say, the first picture with the bed
nicely made only lasts a few seconds.
It doesn't take long for him to pull off his new "uvers" and start jumping off of his bed onto the rug, blankets and pillows below.


A Shellbug's World said...

First let me say Hi its been a really long time. Next, that is so cute and he is getting so big. It was good to see that all is going well.

Christine said...

I can not believe he is that big already!! How cute is he??