Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

Our Halloween festivities began with treats
at home and a birthday party.
Gill brought Aiden and Annsley over just in time for finger foods and sweet treats. We also had a birthday cake to celebrate Aiden's birthday earlier this week.

After all of the eating and opening of birthday presents we got the kids into their costumes and headed out to do a little trick or treating.
Camden was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba!
It is his favorite show and Brobee is one of his favorite characters so when I came across the costume online we just had to have it.

It only took one house for Camden and Aiden to understand that the houses we were visiting were going to give them candy. Aiden handled saying trick-or-treat while Camden held out his bucket and said thank you. Brobee, Sponge Bob and a cute cow visited about ten of our neighbors while filling up their buckets with candy.

Everyone was pooped once we made it back home.

We managed to wrangle the candy away from Camden before getting him into the bath tub but not without a few tears. A bath was quickly followed by snuggles and bed time. It was a busy, crazy wonderful day that Camden, Brian and I loved.
(I hope Gill and her kiddos did too)
Happy Halloween!!

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Anonymous said...

How adorable!! Sure looks like they had a blast!