Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Five Years

Last Friday Brian and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It is amazing to think about how many memories we've created and how many moments we have shared together as husband and wife is such a short time. I am truly blessed to have such a supportive, compassionate, strong and funny husband who will put up with all of my craziness.

We celebrated the occasion by going to a quiet romantic dinner for two at a local steakhouse, Perry's. We followed dinner with a play, Agatha Christie's-The Mouse Trap. We had an amazing babysitter, Brian's little brother, who held down the fort while we had our date night. Knowing Camden was in good hands helped us to relax and enjoy the evening that much more.

Here's to five years and many more!

On a random note: that is a maternity dress but I don't seem to look 7 1/2 months pregnant in this picture...wish that was the case daily. LOL

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