Friday, July 30, 2010

Splash Down

Camden and I loaded up all of the water necessities and headed to Gill's to meet up for a play date at the splash pad in Pearland. I can't believe that there isn't one closer to our house in Clear Lake
(please correct me if I'm wrong-I've been looking).

Anyway, we got to the park and splashed away,
blew bubbles and ate a popsicle.

The morning, while it was splashing fun, didn't go off without a few boo-boos. Aiden scraped his knee and toe, Annsley fell and bumped her hip and side while Camden slipped and fell face first onto the concrete. He has a scrapped cheek and what will probably turn into a black eye. Defiantly not the highlight of the morning....for anyone.
But, the few tears and band aids aside, we had a
great morning with good friends.

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