Monday, November 1, 2010

Ballunar Liftoff

Ballunar Liftoff is a balloon festival held at JSC each year. The event had hot air balloons, rockets, model planes, skydivers, paragliding, crafts, food and carnival games. We ventured out on Saturday afternoon to check out the events and watch the balloon lift off that evening. Our first stop was the carnival area where Camden jumped with bungee cords on a trampoline. He was excited and scared to death at the same time but asked to go again once he got down so I'm guessing that excited won out over being scared.

After the few carnival activities we checked out the rest of the festival, watched the model rockets launch and skydivers land. We stuck around to eat fine fair quality food only to learn the balloon launch had been canceled due to the high winds.

We left shortly there after only to return the next morning-pjs and all- to catch a glimpse of the balloons as they landed at the center. Camden was excited to finally see the balloons that we had been telling him about and proclaimed that he "wants one of those." I'm not so sure that we'll be adding that to his Christmas list but we'll definitely hang on to the memories of his excitement.

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