Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bath x2

The last few weeks Brian and I have both been doing bath duty. (we would alternate bath days before Deegan was born) Brian would give Camden his bath in the bathroom while I would bathe Deegan in his little tub in the kitchen over the sink. The worked perfectly until I was left with both boys last night when Brian went to a meeting at church.

I toyed with the idea of skipping Deegan's bath but he's so calm and ready for bed after that I hated to and skipping Camden's wasn't an option because he had pictures at school the following day. I could have done one and then the other but wasn't sure what to do with the other kiddo while bathing the other so I went for option #4...a bath together. This is what I came up with:

I'm sure this isn't the "intended use" of the baby bath tub but it worked. Camden played while I washed Deegan. Once Deegan was clean I pulled him out of the tub, got him dressed and laid him on a blanket while I repeated the wash and dressing routine with Camden.

With them in the tub at the same time I even had a little extra "help."

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