Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fish, A Tiger and a Few Rides

When my parents were in town we all ventured downtown, with the exception of Brian who had to work, to the aquarium.

We walked through the aquarium to scope out all of the fish, sharks and tigers. Yes, there is a tiger at the aquarium. A little odd combination but I figure you take whatever exotic animals you can get.

After we finished with the aquarium we ventured outside to ride a few of the rides. Camden jumped in the bouncy octopus and rode the carousel, we all rode the train through the shark tank while my Dad, Camden and myself rode the Ferris-wheel.

My Mom, who is deathly afraid of heights, decided to stay on solid ground. After all, "Someone needs to stay with Deegan," she said. We told Camden that Nana was scared of heights and asked him to show us his scare face. I'd like to think that its a pretty accurate depiction of what my mom would have looked like if we were actually able to get her on the ride in the first place.

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