Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take It To The House

When Brian was out running a few errands with Camden the other day he happened upon a cardboard coloring house set up for display at CVS. Needless to say, Camden jumped right in and started playing. They left the store without the house but after discussing how excited Camden was about it, I made a trip back a few
days later to pick one up.

This is the box:

And from that tiny box (relatively speaking) I was able to
assemble Camden's new hangout.

Honestly I don't remember the finished product being quite so big in the store. Assembled, it's right at five feet tall and large enough for me to sit inside with my legs stretched out and an extra foot to spare.
(A foot as in 12 inches-not an actual extra foot)

Size aside, we have had a blast coloring the interior and exterior, sliding "mail" into the attached mailbox and playing
inside our new cozy cottage.

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