Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Show Off

Camden completed the fall session of his gymnastics class. In honor of the season's final class they invited the parents into the gym to take pictures and video. Camden showed us all his moves,
tricks, flips and cartwheels.

The little guy is strong, flexible, fast and has a good sense of balance.

Towards the end of class a special visitor came to wish all the kids a "Merry Christmas!" Camden specifically asked for a race track that sticks to the wall. Which, having conferred with Santa, he isn't getting. Although I'm sure he'll be just as excited to get a normal
race track that runs on the floor.

After waiting patiently on the sidelines, or should I say being held by Brian on the sidelines, Deegan got in on the gymnastics action by jumping into the foam pit. Once he dove in he didn't want to get out. Maybe we have a second little gymnast on our hands?

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