Thursday, October 16, 2008

And He's Off!!!

I have joked for several weeks that I will have to carry Camden to kindergarten. He is a child who will do things in his own good time. He chooses what he wants to "show off" and when. Today he woke up ready to show off!

After breakfast we were playing in the living room when he scooted himself (on his belly) into the corner and, rather than playing with a small stash of toys there, he started pulling on the topiary. I immediately pulled him out of the corner, scooted the toys away and redirected his attention to a book. Once he was out of the corner and entertained, I went to grab the video camera to catch a few minutes of him playing with his toys. (I'm the camera crazy mom)

Once I had to camera out and walked back around the couch he was up on his knees crawling towards the remote control. He has never taken more than one little "step" while on his hands and knees and he's needed a lot motivation to even do that...remember he does things on his time. Anyway, I immediately starting praising him and got down on to the floor to watch him closely. I couldn't believe he was crawling! Mommy's little boy was growing up before my very eyes.

Once he had the remote he was done. So, I did what any mother would do, I took the remote away and moved it in the opposite direction. Off he went again and that's when I started filming. This continued for about half and hour before he decided he was ready for a nap.

Isn't he so adorable?!?!

Thinking back, the remote control was probably the perfect motivation, a little forbidden fruit. (He's not allowed to play with the remote)

I guess this means it's time to invest in a couple of baby gates, actually install all of the cabinet latches we have and do another round of baby proofing. I'm sure he'll be more work now, but I'm so proud of him and ready for this new stage of his development. Yea!! :)


Amanda said...

YAY!!! That is so exciting!!!! what a sweet sweet video!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, saw "butch" crawling congrats on that...his crazy cousin had to show my dad. Mom said its a genetic thing in men to go after the remote when I showed her. Hope everything is going good in Houston, tell that worthless husband hi and its still over between us.