Friday, October 31, 2008

Mini Kawasaki

My parents are in town for the weekend visiting Brian and I and, of course, little Camden. They made the long 10 hour drive from Levelland to the big city of Houston. (They must love us so) They arrived late last evening and, being the wonderful grandparents they are; had hugs, kisses and a gift in tow.

Now, to set up a little back story... Brian has ridden motorcycles for many many years; both street bikes and dirt bikes, and has said since I was pregnant, that Camden will have a mini motorcycle by the time he's three or four. I, of course, have many objections to this idea to which he replies that he will need a little four wheeler first to learn the whole break & gas concepts. My dad, a motorcycle enthusiasts from way back, agrees.

Camden's gift was mini Kawasaki, foot powered, four wheeler. This cute little toy comes complete with buttons that make various sound effect that Camden quickly learned to operate himself. His feet are just a little too short to actually make contact with the floor and push himself forward but he has already figured out how to wiggle backwards.

He played on the four wheeler for almost the entire morning. He was so funny to watch as he bounced up and down on the little seat. He is just too cute for words sometimes!

I must admit that it is an adorable toy and I love it almost as much as Camden does. And just to make sure that there is no confusion; this blog is in no way an endorsement for the purchase of a "real" four wheeler or motorcycle in the future. We love ya Nana & Papaw!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh... haha... that is what my dad wants Eli to have too! It must be a grandparent thing! Yay for new presents!

Anonymous said...

Oh no do not let Brian corrupt him!!!!! For the record I am completely on your side. He looks so adorable on there though, good thing it is foot powered. Such a little man! I am sure he loved the visit with G-ma and G-pa.