Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogging Bandwagon

I suppose that it is time that I jumped on to the blogging bandwagon. :) Before Camden was born, and a few short months after, I kept a fairly regular blog on my MySpace page. Which, for those of you who are on my friends list there, know that is no longer the case. Also, since moving to Houston, I've had numerous people want pictures, to check on Camden and to see how things are going in the "big city." I figured that this would give me an opportunity to share the exciting and sometimes routine experiences of our family, along with many many pictures, with everyone. Especially those members of my family and some friends who do not interact with MySpace.

So, to get things started.... We've been in Houston for almost four months and are settling in to our new surroundings. Moving was a big adjustment, especially for me, since I've never really left "home." (That is unless you count Lubbock as leaving home...I never did.) We purchased our first house and almost have everything unpacked. We are continuing to work on updating one of the bathrooms, taking down wallpaper in the kitchen and decorating our bedroom. Just a few little things here and there which will get done over the coming weeks, months and maybe years.

As for Camden, he is doing wonderful and growing l
ike a weed. He has such a funny, calm and inquisitive personality. He's starting to crawl, mostly backwards, and pulls up on everything but can only manage to get to his knees. I know that once he gets his feet, legs, arms and hands all going the same direction and speed I am in trouble! I will be chasing him all over the house...I can see it now. He is the proud owner of six teeth and is working on two more on the bottom. Since he's started teething he has become our little drool monkey. (Who knows where I came up with that name, but it has stuck) He feeds himself little bits of food; mostly bread, steamed potatoes, puffy baby cereal and fruit. He loves bath time, being read to, swinging, going for walks and being sung to. He is also already a Mommy's boy.

Brian really loves his job and is very excited to be doing hands on programming rather than just overseeing projects. Currently, he's working on part of the flight software that will be implemented and used on the Orion vehicle that will replace the shuttle program in the coming years. As for me, I love being able to stay home with Camden. I am thankful to have the opportunity to spend each day with him.

Not too bad for an initial blog... Now for the hard part, keeping it up. :)

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Chrys*Malu said...

Hi, i'm Chrystiane from Brazil.
Your family are so beautiful, congratulations.
kiss, bye