Monday, October 13, 2008

Pancake Sunday

It's become some what of a routine for me to cook what we call a "big breakfast" on Sunday mornings before church. This phenomenon has occurred since moving into our new house and making the decision to attend the late service at church. (10:45) This allows us plenty of time to cook, eat, clean, get ready and arrive at church on time without being rushed.
Anyway...this past Sunday I made pancakes. We cut up a few little pieces for Camden to eat and placed them on his highchair tray. He's gotten to where he can pick up a piece of food, bring it to his mouth and actually get it inside and eat it without more than half of his meal ending up on the floor.

Well, when my back was turned putting dishes into the dishwasher, Brian decided to give him an entire pancake. He made the biggest mess and only managed to take a small bite or two. It was so funny and cute to see him examine the pancake, tear it apart, throw it on the floor and take a tiny bite. He had as much fun tearing it apart as we did watching him.

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